Update 1.81 for Apex Legends has arrived and it’s not the most exciting one to ever be released but it’s certainly a relief to many community members. This is because the patch has been designed to address the issues that popped up during the game’s Evolution Collection event, in which server connectivity has taken a severe hit.

While the last few Apex Legends updates have delivered some much-needed nerfs to Seer, the most recent one, Update 1.79, mainly focuses on fixing some bugs. The most notable bug that was fixed was the ability of knocked players to jump as well as the lack of a Steam price for the Bangalore Edition.

Apex Legends Season 10 is coming up, and we’ve seen plenty of what it has to offer courtesy of leakers and the things that Respawn Entertainment has shown us. Seer is the game’s latest Legend, and he has abilities like a heartbeat sensor, drones that will keep track of scanned targets, and an ultimate that tracks enemy footsteps.

A recent leak has shown that Worlds Edge can expect to see an update when Season 10 of Apex Legends rolls around. All of the info that we’ve heard so far points to something destructive happening to this fan-favorite map, potentially reshaping it and eliminating POIs or even creating new ones.

On June 3rd, the 1.71 update for Apex Legends was released, and quite a few bugs and missing features have been fixed in it. One of the most notable changes was the fact that leaver penalties were reintroduced to the Arenas after they were removed in previous patches because of some bugs they were causing.

With the release of Season 9 of Apex Legends, the game saw a huge uptick in its number of players. In fact, the recent surge of new blood into the game started off the season by causing EA’s servers to fail, so this is shaping up to be the most impressive season of Apex Legends yet!

After wrapping up with Titanfall 2, Respawn Studios decided to try its hand at one of the most saturated genres: Battle Royale. Apex Legends mainly competes with PUBG, Fortnite, 2042, Vangaurd and Warzone and still manages to stand out.

The game has garnered a loyal core fanbase that purchases the cosmetics since the game is free to play.

Twenty teams of three players each compete in the first game mode released, though recently, Respawn has added a duos mode as well. Each character in Apex Legends is very unique and changes the way you play the game; some characters are more stealthy, some go in guns blazing and others still focus on laying traps, excelling at crowd control.