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    Destiny 2 is the much-improved sequel to 2014’s Destiny by game developer Bungie. It is a free-to-play, online-only multiplayer “looter shooter”. There are 3 Character classes with unique strengths and abilities to aid PvP and team play. Returning from the previous game is the tanky Titan, agile Hunter, and mystic Warlock. In addition to PvP modes, PvE includes a campaign, strikes, and raids. Collect a wide range of seasonally updated weapons and armor sets to personalize your Guardian and suit your playstyle. Play with or against other Guardians in deathmatches or co-op story mode. Although Destiny has been out for a while, it receives regular narrative and content updates during each 3 month season, with about 4 seasons occurring per year. Moreover, Bungie has future plans that include updates for years to come. So, there’s no better time to become a Guardian and start your Destiny 2 journey.

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    Destiny 2 Aimbot

    An aimbot is one of the most useful tools you can have in an FPS. Only the best aimbots have integrated humanized aim smoothing to make them undetectable. The Cobra Cheats Destiny 2 aimbot is no exception, its organic-looking aim smoothing makes snapping to targets less robotic.

    A smoothing slider option gives you the freedom to integrate the aimbot into your play style. Another customizable aimbot feature is bone target prioritization. Endless headshots will give away an aimbot user, but with the ability to target the chest, neck, or head, this won’t be a problem. Best of all, the target switching can be automated to change with every kill.

    destiny esp.jpg


    The full features of the Destiny 2 aimbot include:

    • Bone Target Prioritization [Chest, Neck, Head]
    • Humanized Aim Smoothing
    • Limit Aimbot Field of Vision
    • Aim at Players and NPCs
    • Customize Aimbot Keybinding
    • Set Multiple Aim Keys
    • Destiny 2 ESP

    ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is a complementary tool to an aimbot or useful on its own. More than just a visual sensory upgrade, ESP is a battle sense upgrade. Destiny 2 ESP gives you an undetectable tactical advantage on the battlefield.

    ESP can be customized to provide you with only the most relevant information you desire about your enemies and environment. For instance, you can choose to include enemy and friendly information such as health bar and name. You are also able to customize the border that appears around targets and the distance at which ESP is activated.

    player esp.jpg

    Destiny 2 ESP features include:

    • Team check
    • Death check
    • Visibility check
    • Aim at Players and NPCs

    If aimbot and ESP are all you need, you can stop here and go download the Cobra Cheats hack now. However, if you would like to see how far down the rabbit hole of hacking goes, keep reading.

    Destiny 2 Premium/Pro Features

    There are many features beyond aimbot and ESP that are exclusive to Cobra Cheats Destiny 2 hacks. For instance, the super ability in Destiny 2 recharges very slowly, and it can take several minutes to fully recharge without upgrades or other in-game actions. But, with Destiny 2 pro features, you are able to recharge almost instantly.

    Weapon upgrades like no recoil are another advantage to using Destiny 2 pro features. Combining full-auto fire and unlimited ammo is enough to make raids and strikes smoother while reducing competition for ammunition. In the grindiest looter shooter on the market, you’ll be thankful for the ability to breeze through missions.

    Pro features will upgrade your movement and remove most physical limitations to your character and environment. Move at super speed, fly or just teleport wherever or to whomever you want. Similarly, no clipping lets you move through walls and objects as if they’re not even there. Set each of these abilities to a hotkey and you can smoothly transition between features without using a menu.


    Here is a full list of premium features:

    • No recoil
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • Flyhack
    • Noclip
    • Speedhack
    • Teleport
    • OPK (One Position Kill)
    • Instant Revive
    • Toggle All Weapons Full-Auto Fire
    • Rate of Fire Modifier
    • Instant Respawn
    • Skill Recharge Modifier (unlimited super ability)



    Depending on the amount of your free time available, it can take a week or two of consistent play to level up a character. Multiply that by 3 classes, and numerous weapons or armor sets, and you could spend forever upgrading until you find the perfect setup for each gameplay type. Although the gameplay is fun and exciting, the leveling grind can be sped up with a few shortcuts from your friends at Cobra Cheats.

    A menu should be easy to use and there’s no excuse for limited features. Aimbot and ESP are total game changers, but the increased ability to customize your experience provided by a premium hack is priceless. From the greatest diversity of abilities to full customization, the best choice for Destiny 2 cheats is a no-brainer.

    Cobra Cheats provides a safe and efficient means of speeding up the grind to upgrade your character, weapons, and armors. Experience is what makes your character get stronger, and completing tasks and winning fights is the best way to get it with a little help from Destiny 2 hacks.


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