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very nice chad


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Been using Cobra Apex cheats for about 18 months now give or take, and not once has it failed me tbh. Ive had some issues here and there on my end and they've always helped me out to fix them. going as far as to be so generous and even compensate me sometimes when they didn't have to. as for the cheat itself that in itself is top tier. im pretty sure Cobra is the only internal cheat left out there now which should say a lot lol. Ive used this cheat to achieve MASTERS and PRED multiple times. shitting on the #1 controller player with it and 1v1ining many tops preds without being suspected at all!! I even grinded like 10,000 kills in one season on wraith alone. overall the best cheat and support out there with such hard working staff to push out updates as fast as they can. the staff and community are just amazing I am very satisfied and definitely would recommend.



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