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  • Important Article To Read And Follow Before Using Any Cheat

    Kindly ensure that you are logged in to access the Guides & Files section. In this article, our objective is to shed light on potential reasons why a cheat may not be functioning as expected, even after following the manual tutorial. We encourage you to read the tutorial on how to use each cheat available on our website before seeking assistance through tickets or support requests.

    The initial step is to verify the status of the cheats on our status page to confirm that the cheat is currently online and operational.

    1. Downloading The Drivers

    If you experience problems with our loaders startup, Make sure you have these programs and drivers installed in your system. Make sure to Download all C++ three packages for x86, x64. Otherwise, Your cheats will not work.

    2. Disable Windows Defender

    Follow this video to disable your Windows Defender. Use this tool to Disable Windows Defender Easily: Click here

    Video Tutorial to disable WinDef:  Click Here

    3. Disable the Secure Boot

    Disabling Secure Boot may be necessary to allow the installation and execution of unsigned or non-Microsoft-approved operating systems and Programs , thereby granting users more flexibility and control over their system configurations.

    4. Uninstall Antiviruses

    Recommended Action: Prior to utilizing our hacks and cheats, it is imperative to uninstall any active antivirus software. These hacks are specifically engineered to intercept packets from the game client and effectively bypass various anti-cheat systems such as EAC (Easy Anti Cheats) and BE (Battle Eye). Owing to the nature of their backend processing, certain antivirus programs may classify them as potentially harmful, leading to blockage of hack injection into the game client. Thus, uninstalling or disabling antivirus software is crucial to ensure seamless and unhindered access to our hacks and cheats for an optimal gaming experience.

    If you do not uninstall Antivirus, it will block our hacks injection to game client.

    • AVAST
    • Blue Stacks
    • AVG
    • Kaspersky
    • Punk buster services
    • Windows SDK add on
    • C CLeaner
    • Norton

    5. Other Conflictive Programs

    Potential Conflictive Programs: It is essential to be mindful of specific programs that may pose compatibility issues when using cheats, particularly those employing virtual machines or intended to counteract cheating tools, leading to false positives. To ensure a smooth experience, kindly uninstall the below-mentioned programs completely from your computer. Mere disabling of these applications is insufficient, as they may still interfere with the proper functioning of our cheats.

    • Faceit
    • ESEA
    • Riot Vanguard [Do not Remove it if you are using Valorant hacks]
    • Oracle Virtual Box
    • Punkbuster
    • Razer cortex
    • Rivatuner

    Additionally, uninstall any form of antivirus and antimalware software to prevent any inadvertent obstruction of our cheat functionalities.

    6. Extra Tips

    • Ensure Administrator Privileges: Always run your cheats as an Administrator to ensure smooth and uninterrupted functionality.
    • Overlay and Extra Programs: If the Cheat requires enabling the Overlay or running additional programs like Discord or Overwolf as administrators, it indicates that the cheat will utilize the designated overlay for in-game interaction.
    • Check Compatibility: It is crucial to verify the compatibility of your Windows 10 version with the cheat on the Status page before making any purchase or submitting support tickets.
    • Use Alternate Accounts: We strongly advise against using main accounts while cheating, as it involves inherent risks. We hold no responsibility for any actions taken, and refunds will not be provided since the use of cheats is accepted beforehand.
    • Stay Updated: Regularly check for cheat/hack updates on our website or through our Discord channel to ensure you have the latest features and improvements.

    7. Re-installing windows for best experience

    Check this Article to Clean-Reinstall OS!

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