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  • Escape From Tarkov Hacks | Undetected EFT Cheats with Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, Radar Hack and More

    What can an EFT hack offer you? Simply put, it provides the best way to experience Escape From Tarkov. You can start by perfecting your aim with various aimbot settings. Next, ESP and radar hack will give you all the map, item, and player information you need. Last but not least, wallhack, as well as some neat features you rarely see in a menu will take your EFT adventure to the next level. Now, let’s go over everything Cobra Cheats can do for your gameplay.

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    EFT Aimbot

    If you guessed that an aimbot was an automated script to enhance your aim, you’re mostly right, well done! How does an aimbot enhance your aim? That is up to you and your customized settings. The “soft aim” setting will automate your trigger to go off the instant your reticle is on a target. Simply put, with soft aim, you aim, and the aimbot shoots.

    Alternatively, there is silent aim. Silent aim actually requires you to shoot, but that’s it! When you pull the trigger, your bullet will automatically target the closest enemy to your targeting reticle. Basically, all bullets become heat-seeking-human magnets.

    If this behavior sounds too good to be true, it will also look that way to other players. That is why further customization was added to the aimbot. Only getting headshots can be very suspicious behavior, so Cobra Cheats allows you to choose your bone target. Configure your aim to target the head, chest, arms, or legs.

    If you’ve got beyond perfect aim and can choose your bone target at will, there’s still a chance you can draw unwanted attention, but a good hack has you covered. What can you do to remain undetected? The answer is to humanize the aimbot’s robotic precision with scalable realism. A humanized aimbot is the best aimbot.



    Here is a full list of aimbot features:

    • FOV Adjustment
    • Visual checks for aimbot and wallhack
    • Aimkey Binding
    • Humanized Aim
    • Recoil Adjustment
    • Silent Aim
    • Configure bone target (Head, Body, Arms, Legs, Chest)

    In a world where ammo is limited to what you can loot from your enemies, you want to end engagements as quickly as possible. On one hand, you save ammo by requiring fewer shots to kill someone. On the other hand, your enemy uses less ammo if you kill them quicker! Quicker fights and more ammo to loot is a hidden bonus to a Tarkov aimbot. As you can see, an aimbot is a guaranteed way to improve your aim and chances of extraction.


    The best compliment to an aimbot is a comprehensive extra sensory perception (ESP) hack. ESP gives you environmental awareness by highlighting anything you could possibly be interested in killing or collecting. Like all Cobra Cheats hacks, ESP is highly customizable.

    Scavenging is a crucial aspect of EFT, but not all loot is worth your precious time. To do it right, you’ll want only the most valuable and powerful gear. ESP settings allow you to filter low-quality items out of view. Enjoy the ability to see team members, enemies, containers, throwables, and more!

    You can spend a lot of money on insurance to get loot out of a raid, or you can guarantee your escape. Since escape is the name of the game, it certainly helps to have the exits highlighted. If you’re more likely to escape with great loot, you’ll get rich even faster.


    EFT ESP features include:

    • Enemy ESP (Skeleton, HP Bar
    • Enemy Info (Health, Distance, Weapon, Inventory, KD, Corpse, etc.)
    • Items ESP with filters (Valuable, Very Valuable, Weapons, etc.)
    • Exit gates location
    • Throwable ESP
    • EFT Wallhack

    EFT Wallhacks allow you to see and loot through walls. What’s on the other side of the wall near you? Don’t leave it up to chance, enable wallhack and you will always know where your team and enemies are. The battle advantage that this provides cannot be emphasized enough. Flank your enemy and take their loot.

    EFT Radar

    A 2D radar hack is another way to keep track of the map, enemies, loot, and exits. While ESP and Wallhack give you awareness of where you are looking, 2D radar provides a top-down view of your surroundings. With a real-time raid map on your screen, you will always have the tactical advantage. EFT radar is just one of the numerous features included in the best EFT hack money can buy.



    An EFT hack is the quickest way to level up your character and even the playing field against more experienced players. Since your enemy in Tarkov is often AI, it helps to fight fire with fire. If your aimbot is better than the game’s aimbots, raids will go smoother and your stash will grow faster.

    Most important of all, Cobra Cheats Escape From Tarkov hacks are beta tested for effectiveness and trusted for their undetectability. So, if you want to safely enhance your EFT experience, get the safest, undetected EFT hack on the market.


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