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  • Top-Rated XDefiant Hacks

    Want XDefiant Aimbot to sharpen your shooting skills? Fancy getting Extra Sensory Perception for improved situational awareness, even when it's your first time on the map? Or do you simply want some sort of XDefiant hack to enhance your overall gameplay? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place.

    Getting to Grips with XDefiant Cheats

    There are tons of hacks for XDefiant. Whether you want help with your aiming or map navigation, there's a cheat that can help. But all this variety can become overwhelming. The bare bones are as follows:

    • Aimbot allows you to automatically target your enemies without wasting a single bullet. All you need to do is pull the trigger and your shot will hit its mark.
    • ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) offers vital information, like your opponent's locations and health status, to enhance your situational awareness and make strategic planning a breeze.
    • Wallhack gives you the ability to see through walls and other typically opaque objects to spot players lurking behind buildings or boulders.

    What to Expect from Each XDefiant Hack

    As explained above, each XDefiant hack is distinct. However, you get a lot more bang for your buck when purchasing cheats from us at Cobracheats. So, learn precisely what to expect when you buy your hacks from us:

    XDefiant Aimbot

    Only a select few people have near-perfect shooting skills. And these players got there by spending hours honing them — practice makes perfect, after all. However, you don't have to follow in their footsteps. Instead, you can install our XDefiant Aimbot and acquire this skill level instantly! This cheat automatically aligns your crosshair with your opponent's body part to ensure every bullet strikes as intended for improved reaction time and precision.


    • Humanization — Our XDefiant Aimbot comes with loads of settings to ensure you can customize everything to suit your playstyle. You can adjust everything from the targeted body part to the aiming speed to the smoothness.
    • FOV — Your field of view controls the range in which the Aimbot detects and targets your adversary.
    • Target locking — As soon as an enemy lands in your sight, the Aimbot locks on to ensure your crosshair remains firmly on your target.

    XDefiant ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

    XDefiant ESP offers a distinct advantage over your competition. You'll get access to information that other players can only dream about. Sneak a look at the below features to find out what ESP uncovers.


    • Player locations — Both enemies and teammates will be outlined to help you plan successful strategic maneuvers.
    • Health status — With the health bar for each player displayed, you'll know how many bullets it will take to slay your enemies. It takes the guesswork out of attack tactics.
    • Loot positions — It highlights the objects and weapons in your vicinity, so you can head straight to the most powerful.
    • Distance tags — Whether your enemies are right in front of you or hundreds of meters away, XDefiant ESP will let you know.

    XDefiant Wallhack

    If you want to see through walls, our XDefiant Wallhack is the cheat for you. It's essentially x-ray vision! Your enemies won't be able to use the element of surprise against you.


    • Item highlights — Barriers won't stop you from seeing important items.
    • Player highlights — It isn't just items that lurk behind walls. Our Wallhack identifies players hiding inside buildings.
    • Visibility checks — XDefiant Wallhack ensures enemies are in your line of sight before pulling the trigger.

    Why Choose Cobracheats for XDefiant Hacks?

    We could list countless reasons why we're the best of the bunch, but consider these the most important:

    Unmatched Customer Support

    We don't keep you waiting for support. Whether you need help on Sunday morning or a Tuesday afternoon, our pro team well and truly have your back.

    Top-Notch Safety and Security

    Our XDefiant cheats have remained undetected since release. We keep a close eye on the anti-cheat systems used by the game and update our hacks to ensure you can always game confidently.

    User-Friendly Download and Installation

    Are you a first-time hacker? No problem; our download and installation process is as easy as the alphabet. We provide step-by-step instructions along the way to further streamline the procedure, helping you get to the fun part sooner.

    High Quality Without the High Price

    Normally, we'd agree that you get what you pay for. But when you choose our XDefiant hacks, you get more than what you pay for. With day licenses for as little as $6.90, you can level up your gameplay on any budget. Cinching the win doesn't have to be pricey!

    Vibrant Community of Hackers

    Once you've purchased your license, you gain access to our Discord server where you'll be able to connect with our community of avid gamers who love using our XDefiant cheats. You don't have to get involved if you don't want to, but we highly recommend it. You never know; you might make some new friends!

    Shop XDefiant Cheats Now!

    Let our XDefiant hacks help you join the in-game elite. In just a few moments, you'll become a force to be reckoned with.


    Are Cobracheats hacks safe?

    Absolutely! While using cheats always comes with an element of risk, we go to great lengths to guarantee you're as safe as possible when using our XDefiant hacks. We pay close attention to the game's anti-cheat systems, updating our hacks regularly (after vigorous testing) to keep you and your account safe.

    Will I get banned for using XDefiant hacks?

    You don't need to worry about being banned for using our XDefiant hacks. They're undetected since release and we always keep them updated to ensure they bypass anti-cheat systems. That said, other players can still report you if they suspect you're using cheats. To avoid this unfortunate occurrence, always humanize our hacks using the plethora of customizable settings. Ensuring they fit your playstyle and target different parts of the body (i.e., no constant head shots) is the ticket to using XDefiant cheats confidently.

    How much do XDefiant cheats cost?

    The cost of our XDefiant hacks depends on the specific package and license length you choose. For instance, you can pick up our XDefiant Klar Day package for $7.90, but the Vega option for just $6.90. As a general rule, the longer your license, the more you'll pay.

    Do I need to use an HWID spoofer?

    For the safest XDefiant hacking experience, our HWID spoofer is a must-have. An HWID spoofer protects you from hardware bans (arguably the most unfortunate potential hacking consequence). Said bans lock your computer from the game, meaning you won't be able to play even if you create a new account. Our HWID spoofer creates a fake hardware ID for your PC, keeping your real ID secret to avoid game-ending bans.

    How do I use XDefiant Cheats?

    Using our XDefiant hacks is super simple. Just follow these steps:

    • Select the license that's right for you. We offer day, week, and month licenses for XDefiant Klar, Knight, and Vega.
    • Add it to your cart.
    • Head to checkout.
    • Login or create an account.
    • Confirm your order and pay.
    • Download and install the hacks.
    • Use the settings to customize the cheats to your playstyle.
    • Head into the game and dominate!

    Are all XDefiant hacks different?

    Yes, all XDefiant hacks are different. Aimbot, ESP, and Wallhack all enhance your gameplay in distinct ways. Combine them for the ultimate experience!

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