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  • War Thunder Cheats

    War Thunder is by far the most comprehensive cross-platform, free-to-play, MMO military game on the market. However, this breadth means you've got a lot of competition. Winning is nothing but an unachievable dream unless you leverage our top-rated, undetected War Thunder hacks!

    The Basics of War Thunder Hacks

    War Thunder cheats come in many shapes and forms — from the all-knowing ESP to the sharp-shooting Aimbot, there's a hack for almost anything in this title's battlefields. And they aren't just inexperienced players; well-versed veterans can harness these hacks' powers to give themselves an even bigger edge.

    But before diving into the nitty-gritty details, learn the basics here:

    • Aimbot tends to be the go-to hack for military games like Warzone and, of course, War Thunder. It sharpens your aim, improving both accuracy and reaction times to ensure you snag every possible kill.
    • Wallhack lets you see through walls and other usually solid objects to foil enemies' surprise attack plans.
    • ESP, otherwise known as Extra Sensory Perception, provides key information (e.g., player locations, name tags, and health status) that isn't available in the unhacked game. As potentially the only "in-the-know" individual on the map, it provides an unparalleled competitive advantage in battle.
    • Radar Hack puts an overlay on your mini map to give you a bird's eye view perspective of the entire battlefield. You'll know exactly where everybody is, giving you the best chance of creating successful strategies.

    Capabilities of War Thunder Cheats

    Every War Thunder hack is as unique as the gamers who use them. But there's one constant when you purchase cheats from us — quality. Whether you use one, two, or all our hacks, you'll quickly realize why we're the best in the business.

    Take a look at what's in store when you purchase Cobracheats War Thunder hacks:

    War Thunder Aimbot

    Are you battling on the ground? Have you taken to the skies? Or are you facing annihilation in the unforgiving waters? Wherever the fight takes you, War Thunder Aimbot gives you the shooting precision you need to end up on the winning side of the war. Once your crosshairs land on an enemy, Aimbot guarantees your bullet will hit its intended target. It's as simple as that.


    • Auto-Switch — If you struggle to find another enemy once you've slain the first, you must enable this handy feature. Upon killing your adversary, Auto-Switch automatically changes your aim to the next target!
    • Humanization — We're proud to say our hacks are undetected by War Thunder's rigorous anti-cheat system. However, that doesn't stop players from reporting you for being a bit too good. Luckily, our Aimbot includes a bunch of settings to customize delays, body part targets, and more to ensure your shots appear natural.
    • Trigger Bot — If you want War Thunder Aimbot to really do all the work for you, Trigger Bot will undoubtably become your favorite feature. It automatically fires when the enemy is in your range, drastically improving reaction times.
    • Target locking — With target locking enabled, the tool will keep your crosshair on the same enemy until they're dead.

    War Thunder ESP

    Nothing screams "game changer" quite like War Thunder ESP. It's an innovative enhancement offering you a significant advantage by displaying vital information in real-time. Think enemy positions, health statuses, and loot locations. You'll become a virtual military Oracle overnight.


    • Distance tags — Displayed above or below other players on the map, distance tags note how far away your enemies are to increase the likelihood of planning successful attacks.
    • Health bar — Whether friend or foe, you'll know their health status, allowing you to make attack and aid decisions. Depending on your settings, it's displayed in text or bars.
    • Name tags — Players' name tags are displayed in different colors to distinguish between enemies and allies.
    • Enemy boxes — This feature creates an outline of players' hitboxes. Like name tags, they're color coded.

    War Thunder Wallhack

    Enabling War Thunder Wallhack gives you the unearthly ability to see through solid objects, keeping the likelihood of being thwarted by surprise attacks to a minimum.


    • X-ray vision — Walls, trees, rocks, and other objects will no longer impede your vision.
    • Player highlights — If somebody is lurking behind a barricade, War Thunder Wallhack will highlight them, so you can avoid or attack accordingly.
    • Item highlights — Important loot (weapons, medkits) will be highlighted, too.

    War Thunder Radar Hack

    The mini map is good on its own, but War Thunder Radar Hack makes it so much better. By overlaying crucial information, you'll be privy to everything that happens on the battlefield, even when you're miles away.


    • Mini map overlay — Begone bog-standard mini maps! War Thunder Radar Hack breathes new life into an otherwise (somewhat) uninformative aid.
    • Map-wide player locations — Regardless of how far players are, you'll know their location.

    Why Choose Cobracheats Over Other Providers?

    Yep, we know there are loads of War Thunder hack providers, but allow us to share why we should be your go-to pick:

    • Lightning-fast download and installation — No more waiting hours for your cheats to ready up.
    • Easy-to-use interface — Navigating our hack settings couldn't be easier.
    • Quick, reliable support — We're always on hand to solve your problems.
    • Active hacking community — Access our exclusive Discord server to meet other War Thunder hackers just like you.

    Get Your Hands on War Thunder Hacks Now!

    What are you waiting for? Defeat your enemies with ease by downloading War Thunder hacks right away. Your allies (and battle rating) will thank you for it.


    Is using War Thunder cheats safe?

    Yes, using War Thunder cheats is safe. As the number one provider, we take great pride in ensuring our hacks remain undetected from the title's anti-cheat system, EasyAntiCheat (a.k.a., EAC). By staying abreast of all the latest enhancements, we update our hacks swiftly and effectively to keep you gaming confidently.

    What are the benefits of using War Thunder hacks?

    The benefits of using War Thunder hacks are as follows:

    • Eliminated frustration
    • Improved shooting accuracy
    • Increased situational awareness
    • Boosted gaming performance
    • Gained competitive advantage
    • Enhanced enjoyment

    How much do War Thunder hacks cost?

    The cost of War Thunder hacks from Cobracheats varies depending on the package and license length. Our WarThunder Fec Day license, for instance, is $6.99, while the WarThunder Mechanic Month license is $64. Whatever your budget, you can find a high-quality cheat to elevate your gameplay.

    How do you get War Thunder cheats?

    Getting War Thunder cheats is easy. Simply follow these steps:

    • Choose your package.
    • Go to checkout.
    • Create an/sign into your account.
    • Confirm your order and pay.
    • That's it!

    How do you use War Thunder hacks?

    Whether you've been hacking for years or this is your first time, using our War Thunder cheats is wonderfully simple. All you need to do is:

    • Download and install the hacks;
    • Use the settings to customize the cheats; and
    • Play the game!

    Will you get banned for using War Thunder cheats?

    There's no need to worry about bans when using Cobracheats. Our hacks effectively bypass the game's anti-cheat system, ensuring you can keep playing safely. Just be aware that other players may still report you if they think you're hacking. So, always use the settings to humanize the enhancements to avoid this less-than-pleasant occurrence.

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