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Battlebit 3 hour test review


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Okay so imma be talking about the battlebit cheat and what I honestly think about it.

The visuals are a 7/10 for me, some buttons have no purpose in the esp section but the esp is just a clear and simple esp.

I will also give a 7/10 for aimbot, the reason is is that it is not that legit even if you have it on highest smooth, also there is no toggle for prediction (It is always on), which is not great if you try to look legit. The aimbot is very nice tho and it feels great to use with 2 keys you can setup to trigger the aimbot. Also I did not get hackusated/reported dropping 25 bombs (I did 25 to look legit). Also 1 more thing that is a minus point is that they have a toggle for "No recoil when aimbotting" but you can also not turn this feature off, which makes you look less legit. Then I would say as last minus point that you dont have an option for "Aim at closest bone" which is sad but understandable, body works fine and doesnt get you hackusted luckily. 

For the optimization I would defo give them a 10/10 I have not noticed any fps drops and or preformance issues.

For support and reaction time I would give them a 8.5/10 cause they do respont fairly fast and they are very nice and clear.

Ill list the suggestions I have for them here:

* A "Aim at closest bone" option in aim bones
* More visual options, like glow, chams and those kinda good stuff
* A feature that makes the aimbot not compesate for the recoil
* A huminization feature/s for example aimbotting into the aimbone but then its free mouse movments while mouse inside of the aimbone (Kinda hard to explain)
* A propper config system
* Better smoothing system
* A RCS system with a costum strength 
* Payment gate that supports BTC lightning 

Overall I would reccomend this cheat and I hope it was usefull to anyone who still is deciding wheter to get it or not, I am for sure going to buy it again and have a nice day!

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